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The Lucky Die

An actual play D&D podcast, The Lucky Die is a story told by four friends, set in an apocalyptic fantasy world. In Diskora, Demons and Celestials have started stalking the lands, tensions between the factions leave death in their wake and blood red clouds boil across the sky. You would be forgiven for thinking that the end was nigh, question is - do you want to face the end alone? I guess we're about to find out.

Jun 22, 2020

In our first scripted story, we explore Bougrim’s past as we learn about the pain he keeps close to his heart, and the events that led a powerful man to owe him a favor.

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Twitter: @TLDPod

Bougrim’s Backstory - A TLD Audio Drama
Written and Produced by Hem Cleveland
Audio Engineered, Scored and Produced by Neil Martin
Cover Art by Jason Baesel

Starring the voices of:
Hem “Volonda” Cleveland as Bougrim and Narrator
Dagur Jóhannesson as Loe’Hir
Jay Shurey as Emmil Scott
Holly Billinghurst as Komin
Ian Powell as Dwarf Inquisitor
Terrance Marshman-Edwards as Elf Inquisitor

Special thanks to the Patreons of The Lucky Die, without whom this production would not have been possible. Thank you for supporting us and helping us to bring this story to life.

Additional thanks to:
Arch, Casey & #HotChocolateParty.
You know what you’ve done - Thank you.