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The Lucky Die

An actual play D&D podcast, The Lucky Die is a story told by four friends, set in an apocalyptic fantasy world. In Diskora, Demons and Celestials have started stalking the lands, tensions between the factions leave death in their wake and blood red clouds boil across the sky. You would be forgiven for thinking that the end was nigh, question is - do you want to face the end alone? I guess we're about to find out.

Jan 1, 2022

We revisit a distant little-known land to visit the tale of a few little known brave souls who have a special mission for Wurunwa.

Info for the cast and game system:

Matt is one of the Founders of MysticaLive, a VTuber group on Twitch as well as part of a duo VTuber Twitch channel.

Fiona: What Am I Rolling podcast, a twice monthly rpg one shot pod, using different systems so you can jump in at any point.
The DM's Bookclub, a weekly D&D bookclub discussing various topics.
Twitter handle: @FKTH, @thedmsbookclub @wair_podcast

Kit: Kit is a leatherworker who specializes in handmade geeky accessories, and cosplay pieces. You can see examples of his work and commission a piece on instagram @falling_leaf_leatherworks

Rhys: Technical Director & Producer of Nyctophobia, an asian folk-horror podcast “Nyctophobia,” on your favorite podcast player OR RSS feed:

And finally, this is the link for folx to be able to get their hands on the game itself!

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Twitter: @TLDPod

Arch - @Arch_DnD
Casey - @childofginevra
Eyþór - @Abyzzinn
Neil - @BardicMartin
Volonda - @Volly_Londa