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The Lucky Die

An actual play D&D podcast, The Lucky Die is a story told by four friends, set in an apocalyptic fantasy world. In Diskora, Demons and Celestials have started stalking the lands, tensions between the factions leave death in their wake and blood red clouds boil across the sky. You would be forgiven for thinking that the end was nigh, question is - do you want to face the end alone? I guess we're about to find out.

Mar 8, 2021

Having already faced deathly foes in the unknown waters, the crew continues sailing onward. Balance watches that the ship can scrape by in one piece, Zaltanna may potentially be indirectly cursed, Squash receives healing from a friendly lesson, Rhal makes a special set of shoes, and Fezea tries to recall their location. Will the crew finally find the land they are looking for? I guess we are about to find out...

Thanks to Kessi for playing Fezea!

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Twitter: @TLDPod

Arch - @Arch_DnD
Casey - @childofginevra
Eyþór - @Abyzzinn
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